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Suggestion / Sugerencia ?
By: RomaKH
Rank: Carne de creeper
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From: Michigan, US
Posted: Sat, 02 August, 2014 - 07:20 PM

Hello, I just had a suggestion about the program that I wanted to share.

When using the program the light source, on the 3D model for the skin, makes it where you can hardly seen with you're using light colors and as an end result makes the colors messed up when imported to minecraft.

My suggestion: remove the light source on the program, so that it doesn't cast a shadow in the background and make it difficult to edit a skin. It looks nice, but is not very practical when making a skin.

Please excuse my poor translation here at the bottom. I saw that this board was mostly Spanish, and seeing as Spanish is not my native tongue and I failed high school Spanish, I did my best here. question

Hola, disculpen mi pobre español. He intentado todo lo posible para traducir.

Al editar con el programa, que es difícil de usar colores claros. Es difícil de usar colores claros porque la fuente de luz, el programa utiliza hace que sea difícil ver los colores.

El color se cometa un error debido a esto. Resultó más oscuro que lo que se pretendía originalmente.

Mi sugerencia: eliminar la fuente de luz en el programa. De esta manera no va a proyectar una sombra. Tampoco hará que la superficie de edición muy brillante.

Una vez más, lo siento mucho por los pobres españoles. El español no es mi lengua materna. exclaimcryredface
By: Puma
Rank: Constructor
Postings: 107
Posted: Thu, 04 September, 2014 - 04:48 AM

Hello, RomaKH, sorry for taking so long to answer (vacations and all that); and yes, you're right about that; I've eliminated the directional light, there is only ambient light in the new version; try it!
By: RomaKH
Rank: Carne de creeper
Postings: 2
From: Michigan, US
Posted: Sat, 06 September, 2014 - 01:53 AM

It's fine! Thank you for answering at all.

Was trying out the new version, and it's SO much better. Thank you tons! Great editor you have here. Hope to see it grow further in the future. :)
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